Company Profile

PT Integra Solusi Mandiri is a Digital Business Solution Provider. We help companies optimise business performance with consistent service delivery, the lower total cost of ownership and elevated productivity. To empower your business, we discover new business and technology trends then create reliable IT solutions. Until now, we already serve many companies across various industries. Therefore, we believe that our experience and in-depth knowledge of technology are our assets. We are so ready to scale up your business.

Our experienced consulting team focuses on assisting clients to deliver the maximum benefit from the resources they allocate to IT.
Developments in digital technology, such as mobile, analytics and cloud computing create both opportunities for businesses to extend their use of IT in new ways, yet also render the need for a clear technology strategy more important than ever.

We assist our clients to visualise, plan, procure, deliver, improve and secure their IT. We challenge them to consider how targeted investment in IT can give them competitive advantage and underpin their service delivery to clients locally and globally.